Free DNS for Locals

UR CPU offers free DNS services to locals in Mineral County, WV.

Our DNS service:

  • Blocks advertisements (desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc)
  • Does not let your Internet even touch the ad
  • Holds your request for faster access in the future (caching)

Blocks ads before it hits your device:

Normally your Ad Blocker blocks advertisements from loading in your web browser or app, but by using “DNS” level blocking, the ad never attempts to load at all, thus freeing up more resources for you.

When your request to a website is made, UR CPU’s DNS checks the domain and other domains loading within the website. If it is determined a domain is an “ad,” it will terminate the connection, adding more privacy to your Internet experience. Generally, your computer or router dials to your Internet Service Provider for website lookups and sometimes it may be congested or completely offline.

This service is completely free to Mineral County, WV. Because it is a free service, no support is offered and downtime may happen frequently as it’s an experimental service. Some people may choose to use this service to help lessen DNS downtime with their ISP. It does not offer faster Internet, but it does offer a consistent way to reach domains.

The IPs to use are:,

Have a Linksys, Netgear, etc?

You can configure your local router to make all connected devices dial to UR CPU’s DNS. This is specifically useful when needing devices such as the Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation and the list goes on… to automatically block ads, and use a better DNS service. By configuring the router’s DNS directly, the hassle is removed from having to configure devices individually. Any device may choose to opt-out by making local adjustments to their DNS configuration.

For help


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Phone supported is limited. Please use email first.